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  • ID MS-0005
  • Manufacture Viet Nam
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Carton paper corner brace is a commonly used tool in the goods packaging industry. The corner brace has been combined with other products of the same type used by many other businesses.

Product Description:

In industries and shipping goods, damage that occurs during transportation is inevitable. Therefore, traditional materials such as foam, foam, etc. are used to fix the product.

Currently, they are replaced by environmentally friendly products, which is also the reason why freight companies use corner braces.

How to use the corner brace:

100% eco-friendly corner splint, easy to burn.

Save time during loading and unloading.

Reduce many risks in transportation.

These are the best features of cardboard corner braces, or they can also be recycled to save a large amount of materials and costs for manufacturers.

Using the product ensures that the product is protected intact and safe during transportation.